The Problems
1. The first and main problem needs to be resolve as soon as possible.
The main problem with the old page is the outdated look.
2. The second major problem needs to be resolved.
This old page wasn't helping what the company expected with the conversion rate and SEO numbers expected.
3. The Third major problem needs to be resolved.
We need to provide a better customer experience and flow thru the complete website and also on every page that we create.
The Process
For this page research, we found out that we had two different buttons for the same segment so the numbers are divided into two different data.
This information helps me to decide that the majority of the customers enter the page to see the auction now. The 1960s-1970s is the second most search on this page. The third most search button on this page is the 1920s-1930s. With the 3.0 Copart Design Style images and buttons are more prominent and bigger. 
I decide to have one button at the top that said: "Auction Now" and the second one for "Register Now". If the customer wants to go to "Auction Now" is going to be at the top and the other user personas want to learn more about the Classic Cars process they can continue with the informative part of the page. I decide to create 3 Key features for the Copart Auction process and created a better and updated years range gallery. Also, I decided to create a live auction now gallery but for the moment this feature is going to be off until the developer can create a dynamic gallery. I included a section for a video for Copart Classic explaining the process. Then we included the membership prices, a learn more section, and also trying to attract the pain points for the customer when they subscribe.
First Low Def Comp.
First Low Def Comp.
Old Version
New Version
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