I worked with Hector, and he is one of those guys passionate about his work. He analyzes every problem from a design point of view, focusing on consumer needs, and re-iterates the problem to tie user needs directly with the business impact. Working with him was a pleasure, and I highly recommend him for any UI/UX/Designer roles. Please get in touch with me if you need more information.
Hector is a great UI/UX designer. In the short time working with him, he has overhauled our Powersports landing pages, making them easier for users to find the inventory they are looking for. He has also helped on countless other projects for the team. Hector is straightforward to work with and a skilled designer. I would easily recommend him for any UI/UX position!
Kyle Welch - Senior UX Designer 
To whom may concern,
I heard that Hector Santiago Perez is applying to your Web and UX Designer position, and I just wanted to reach out and share some thoughts about Hector.  Hector and I worked together at HostGator over the past year, and I wish we still had him around. Hector is the type of person I would hire if I owned a company. The entire time we worked together, Hector constantly took the initiative to solve problems - not because he was asked to, but because he noticed important issues that needed to be solved. He never approached me with problems; he only came up with solutions. 
He has an excellent mind for design, with the right combination of creativity and critical thinking to produce great work. Equally importantly, Hector is just so enjoyable to work with. I was so sad when he told me he was moving. He’s a genuinely uplifting person to be around and a real team player. 
If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them anytime. My number is ‪713-392-4727.
Kyle Welch 
Senior UX Designer
Erick Mars - Web Advisor Coach
To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Eric Marsh, and I am a Web Advisor Coach at HostGator.com. It has been my pleasure to coach Hector Santiago Perez as a Web Advisor.
Hector and I worked together from October 2018 until July 2019, when I was the Web Advisor Coach for Hector’s team. In that time, he has proven himself to be a highly motivated, intelligent, resourceful, and kind individual. Hector proved himself to be an individual of great skill, with a lot of knowledge that he was eager to share with his colleagues to assist them with any questions or problems they encountered. Hector was always eager to request regular one-on-one coaching time and always asked if any feedback could be given to help him continuously improve.
In addition to his technical abilities, Hector possesses excellent soft skills that allow him to provide exceptional customer service to our clients. In reviewing his customer interactions, Hector assisted customers with a friendly and professional demeanor. Hector’s knowledge and understanding of website design, and attention to detail, meant he would frequently go above and beyond normal expectations to help assure his customers had a knowledgeable
If you consider Hector, a new team member, please know that he has my highest regard as a loyal, hard-working, knowledgeable employee and an excellent individual. Please get in touch with me at 832-407-3724 if you wish to discuss Hector’s experience and qualifications further. I would be happy to expand upon my recommendation.
Eric Marsh
Web Advisor Coach
HostGator.com, LLC
Endurance International Group
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