Kyle Welch - Senior UX Designer 
To whom may concern,

I heard that Hector Santiago Perez is applying to your Web and UX Designer position, and I just wanted to reach out and share some thoughts about Hector.  Hector and I worked together at HostGator over the past year, and I wish we still had him around. If I owned a company, Hector is exactly the type of person I would hire. The entire time we worked together, Hector constantly took initiative to solve problems - not because he was asked to, but because he noticed important issues that needed to be solved. He never approached me with problems; he only came with solutions. 
He has a great mind for design, with the right combination of creativity and critical thinking to produce great work. Equally importantly, Hector is just so enjoyable to work with. I was so sad when he told me he was moving. He’s a genuinely uplifting person to be around and a real team player. 
If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them anytime. My number is ‪713-392-4727.

Kyle Welch
Senior UX Designer
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